Utsuromiya Fuyumi
Basic Information
Gender Female(born as male)
Anime Life is Money
Alternate Title Unknown
Age  ?
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple

Utsuromiya-San panicking after being injected with a sedative agent.


Utsuromiya Fuyumi is a contestant in a life or death Nightmare game with the main character Fukurokouji Meguru and 8 other contestants who have to face 10 days in close living quarters where they run the risk of one of their "6" senses being taken away for that day.

Fuyumi-sama joined in with the rest of the contestants in verbally abusing fellow contestant Ishimakura in a bid to get him to give over the food he was withholding, making explicit reference to his pig like appearance, this leads to some disastrous results. Later Fuyumi asks Meguru and another contestant Kukuri if she can team up with them. Forming a very good trio.

Utsuromiya has a very frail emotional state from traumatic and dysphoric incidents in their past frequently confiding and using her doll Chappie to talk to or even do tasks such as rolling dice. Utsuromiya seems to have a fear of needles and also strong resilliance to rebound from panicked states.

Reason for CrossdressingEdit

Fuyumi-Sama is seen the entire time in a vaguely gothic style of dress and blouse. It is later reveiled that their reason for crossdressing is that they're transgendered and are a contestant in the game in hopes of getting enough money to become a woman.