Getting it from the horses' mouth several times from those here in New York City; around 40% at least of traps here are "straights" and don't regard themselves as "transgender" which they feel is a term loosely thrown around. The best test of the term "transgender" is whether the person in question willfully desires to BE that sex-opposite gender and not tricked or forced into it (doing it as a sly thrill or tease like straight traps do isn't considered a gender desire). Kampfar and Twinstails can be considered "true traps" because their gender switch was pushed upon them or is a requirement or just a lark, not a gender desire. Jun can be considered a TG trap because (at least in the OVA) she "confesses" she wanted to be a girl all along. True traps can and often do evolve into TG traps by long exposure and close relationships in anime or manga, but doesn't seem to occur IRL.

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Greetings to you as a transwoman I have a few points sorry the first one is a downer.  You are right overall most anime traps are not transgender and wouldn't be in real life.  However, real life people are never "traps".   We are just who we are.  The word trap imples a certain intent.  The idea that having been trapped has been used as a lame excuse to perpetrate serious violence against real transgender and transsexual women. (We remember those who were killed every year on November 20th, the transgender day of remembrance . )
To know wheter the author of an anime is depicting a transgender character or not there is one simple rule:
Is the character being forced or coerced in any way into being a trap?  If yes that trap is just a trap.  If no that trap would, if they were real, be transgender or even transsexual. 
How that rule could be applied. 
Jun Watarase?  She is not forced in any way and while she will be honest about her biology Id's as a girl.   TG Trap
Hideyoshi, of Baka to Test, dressed as a girl?  Trap because Hideyoshi Id's as a boy and no one listens to him.  Non TG Trap 
Ruka Urushibara, of Steins Gate.  Dresses like a temple maiden, and when she can get an impossible magic sex change she does TG Trap.  
Hazumu Osaragi  id's as a guy and prays to be more masculine then get hit by a spaceship who's aliens give him a impossible magic sex change... and then she falls in love with a female childhood friend.  So not TG and not a Trap but a gender bending story.
Hibari of "Stop! Hibari Kun".  Going way back to the 90's for this one.  Hibari is the OG Jun wanted to be when Jun got to high school.  TG Trap.  
-A Unicorn. 

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