Souta Takanashi
Kotori chan by catgirl0926-d55ae2z
Basic Information
Gender Male
Anime Working!
Alternate Title Wagnaria
Age 16
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Souta Takanashi From "Working!"


Souta is a waiter at the Wagnaria restaurant. He loves anything small, from his tiny senpai to water fleas.

Reason For CrossdressingEdit

In-order to hide that Izumi got a present from a boy, he has to pretend to be a girl to convince her father to continue to let her work at Wagnaria. During an other occasion, his co-workers set him up on a date with "Mahiru Inami" Whiles forced to cross-dress due to his Co-workers wet his work cloths on purpose leaving only a dress a a wig.