Shouta Magatsuchi
Shouta 1
Basic Information
Gender Male
Anime Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Alternate Title Unknown
Age Unknown, likely pre-teen
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Blue

Shouta Magatsuchi is a young boy born into a family of mages in the modern world.

Appearance Edit

Shouta full appearance

Shouta's full appearance.

Shouta is an elementary school boy with both purple hair and eyes, his bangs reach well below his eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Shouta is quite a shy person most of the time when being with Lucoa. When Lucoa attempts to seduce Shouta, he would run away with embarrassment and accuse Lucoa to be a demon.

Background Edit

Born into a family of mages, Shouta has shown to possess enough knowledge on the arcane arts to attempt summoning a demon. However, aside from setting up the summoning ritual, he has yet to show the full extent of his abilities.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic- Although his magical capacity has not been shown, it is reasonably known that he has enough knowledge and power to attempt summoning a demonic familiar.

Reason For Cross-Dressing Edit

Shouta gets talked into performing in a Christmas play as one of the little match girls. Somehow he also dresses up like a magical girl as well.


Shouta as the little match girl


Shouta blushing while being a magical girl

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