Ruka Urushibara is a second year in Kasensou Private Prepatory Academy, and Mayuri's classmate. He has the personality of a polite, well-groomed and justified kind of beautiful girl (though a guy). Uses honorifics specifically with Rintarou. Doesn't push his opinions much upon others, but when he does he's quite bashful and blushes quite a bit. Because he's quite serious by nature, he simply believes what others say. Thanks to that, he thinks all the ridiculous stuff Rintarou talks about is that of reality. Rintarou makes him out to be his student on his own, and is currently in the middle of brainwashing him. A very shy person, he often turns down Mayuri's requests to cosplay.

Reason For Cross-Dressing

Ruka crossdresses or dresses in feminine outfits to honor his family's shrine. Ruka also becomes female through events in the series, but eventually turns male again by the end