Pico is the main character from the shotacon hentai Boku no Pico. He works part-time at his grandfather's bar in the summer. He's often shown swimming, usually naked or in a blue Speedo. He begins to wear girls' clothing after Tamotsu suggests it and buys a skirt for him.


Pico has blond hair, and forest green, girlish eyes. He is seen often smiling and has a warm, gentle aura. His hair is cropped short at the back in the same level, with two bangs that frame his face and give him a feminine appeal. His shorter bangs are softly swept to a side.

During the end of episode one, after having a fight with Shoggun (aka Tamotsu), Pico cuts off his longer bangs. This is most likely due to feeling betrayed by him, and wanting to "return to being a boy". After the two make up, he grows his hair out once again.

Pico's clothes' change as time passes. He is seen dressing femininely most of the time. His most used attire is a light fuchsia pink t-shirt and matching grape violet tight trousers that outline his gluteus maximus. When living with Chico and Coco, he starts crossdressing. He begins wearing actual skirts, cute dresses, and hair accessories.


He is kind and quite clumsy, as seen when he spills tea on Tamotsu. He has a carefree life and enjoys simple things. However, he is quite perverted (after Tamotsu rapes him), as he took Chico's virginity in episode two. Sex with Chico was consensual, at least. Pico is the type of person to listen to others. He is smiling most of the time. The only times he was seen mad or worried was in episode one, when he fought with Tamotsu, and episode three, when Chico started sleeping with Coco.