Namine Ritsu is a UTAUloid. He is part of the Vipperloids category and has the number 73.


Ritsu Namine is an UTAU developed by vip @ 2ch, his release date is October 12, 2012.
His name is composed of two words: "Nami" which means "wave" and "ne" which means "sound". As for his name Ritsu, it means "rhythm".

Ritsu is 6 years old, 1m56 tall and weighs 25 tons, contrary to what one might think. This weight is due to the missiles implanted in his chest. He has long red hair that reaches his lower back and has green and purple eyes. He has a rather old style compared to other UTAUs and VOCALOIDs since he wears a black crew neck, hat and veil on the left side of his head, a black crop-top with a piano neckline, crossed ribbons on the middle and yellow lace on the ends of the latter.

He wears a voluminous skirt that reaches his knees with the same colors, pleating and details as the crop-top. He wears low-heeled boots that come to his knees, which are purple, blue on the front and laces, always similar to the rest of the clothes. It also has arm accessories like the other -loids, except that those of Ritsu do not have this futuristic style. Around him flies a multicolored keyboard. On his left arm is written the number 73 and his nails are purple.


  • Ritsu is a mysanthropist, hates Japan but loves Korea and loves chocolate chips. His fetish object is Chinese cabbage.
  • His rainbow keyboard is reminiscent of Byakuren Hijiri's magical scroll called the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll from Touhou Project.