Mitsunaga Oda is a supporting character in the anime Himegoto. He also goes by the name, Mittan.


Mitsunaga Oda, is a high school student at Shimoshina High School. He was born into a wealthy family that follows a tradition that he finds to be a burden. Along side him, is his trustworthy servant, Hiro Toyotomi. The two are often always seen together. While the anime, Himegoto does not go in depth about his backstory, the anime Himegoto Plus does.


Mitsunaga's personality can best defined as a tsundere. He is very easily flustered towards any remarks or comments to conceal his true emotions towards different things. Although it appears he hides his feelings towards most things, when the topic of his family is brought up, he becomes hostile and defensive towards the subject. While it appears he is always raising his voice in frustration, Mitsunaga does have a soft side, preserved for when he's alone with Hiro or by himself.


The Oda family tradition, one Mitsunaga was born into, goes as followed. The head of the Oda family must cross dress until adulthood. The explanation given is that the male heads of the Oda family tend to die early out of natural causes. It was common that women would outlive men so they believed that wearing feminine clothing until adulthood would protect the head of the family from early death in a spiritual death. The reason for Mitsunaga's long hair could be in part of the tradition. Mitsunaga however believes this not a family tradition, but a curse. He dislikes cross dressing, believing he is singled out from the people around him who do not. With the help of Hiro, Mitsunaga gains confidence and cross dresses regularly.

He is always seen wearing feminine clothes. His school uniform consists of a girl uniform and he usually wears orange panties. At home, he normally wears a kimono.