Midare Toushirou
Midare Hanamaru
Basic Information
Gender Male
Anime Touken Ranbu:Hanamaru Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
Alternate Title N/A
Age Pre-adolescent (appearance), Centuries (sword age)
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Blue

Midare Toushirou 「乱藤四郎/みだれとうしろう」a character from the anime and Video game titled Touken Ranbu.


Height : 145cm

School: Awataguchi (粟田口)

Sword type: Tantou


Midare has long, blonde hair which is sometimes worn in a ponytail. He is always seen wearing feminine clothes such as dresses (battle) and a frilly shirt (casual). He wears black overknee stockings with all his outfits.

His voice is much higher than all his tanto brothers who are of very young (ie: pre-adolescent) age, which makes Midare 'pass' as a girl. In universe, a fellow Sword Warrior Urashima Kotetsu has mistaken Midare as a girl at their first meeting. (Hanamaru season 1)

Reason for crossdressingEdit

The reason why Midare is dressed differently compared to his brothers is because of his unique style. Yoshimitsu is known for forging tantous with suguha hamon(直刃), a straight style hamon, while Midare is the only one in-game with midare hamon(乱れ), an irregular wave. The hamon is the crystalline pattern of the hardened cutting edge of the blade, it is a key point for artistic appreciation of Japanese swords.