Megumu Touzokuyama is a character from If Her Flag Breaks.


Megumu has a pink-like hair and sounds exactly like a girl. He does not like it when people call him "Meg" thinking he is some girl. Megumu does not wear pants for a school uniform like the other guys, mainly Souta Hatate , because his bigger sister petitioned an exception for him.


He gets happy, sad and embarrassed easily. Because he is too embarrassed to go to the boys toilet he can enter the girls toilet, but after meeting Souta he said that he would go to the boys toilet from now on together with Souta. Megumu calls boys swimsuits "embarrasing" so he wears girls swimsuits.

Character Overview

He first met Souta when they were renovating the dorm. When Souta called him a boy he got really happy and a lot of friendship-flags started appearing on his head. Souta had never seen so many flags, so he didn't know if he could break them or not. After thanking Souta, Megumu held his arm. Megumu said that the first signs of friendship by guys is by calling each other by their names.

Reason For Cross-Dressing

Megumu was mistaken for a female performer during a festival and ended up in a wedding dress.