Leona West
Leona West
Basic Information
Gender Male
Anime Pri Para
Alternate Title Unknown
Age 7th grader
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink


Leona West is a PriPara idol and 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. He is voiced by Yuki Wakai, a member of i☆Ris. He is the twin brother of Dorothy West and is part Canadian (his father) and part Japanese (his mother) descent. His favorite saying is "If Dorothy○○,me too..." (?) His preferred brand is Fortune Party.

He made a cameo debut in Episode 12. In Episode 14, he forms a unit called Dressing Pafé with Shion Todo and Dorothy West.

He has short light pink hair with a braid on his left side and has deep pink eyes, and under his left eye he has a freckle. He also wears a sailor's hat on his right side.

He is quite shy and would wither away if not for Dorothy. He often follows whatever Dorothy does as an example.

Reason For Cross-DressingEdit

Leona is the only male performer in an otherwise all-girl idol school. He has to wear their clothes to fit in.

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