Uq Holders (Manga)

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Description Edit

Kuromaru is a genetically engineered immortal who was born in a clan that hunts immortals and has no gender with a choice to chose it at the age of 18. Kuromaru is from the manga "UQ Holders". He was originally sent to defeat Evangeline A.K Mcdowell but met Touta Konoe whilst bathing with a towel around her body. Soon she found out that Touta Konoe was Evangeline disciple then began to attack him. Then was stabbed in the chest, she regenerated soon after. And afterwards, formally fought Touta with a bet that they would be buddies if he won. Then after she was defeated and was forced to befriend Tota. And began developing romantic feeling for Touta which she denied.

Appearance Edit

Her is appearance looks of a female though Kuromaru has no gender. Kuromaru is usally being harrased by Touta checking if "He's" actually a guy. which She/ begins to get flused by. Kuromaru usaluly has Twin-Tailed styled hair. And carries a sword at Her/His waist. Kuromaru commonly wears a formal suit with the collars upward at reaching down to Her/His leg.

Reason For Cross-dressing Edit

She once wore female cloths to disguise Her/Him self as a female to see how Touta feels about Her/Him.

Due to her feeling for him slowly turning Her/Him completly female.