Kuranosuke Koibuchi
Basic Information
Gender Male
Anime Kuragehime
Alternate Title Jellyfish Princess
Age About 20
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Gray-ish purple

Kuranosuke is the son of a rich political family. He uses the alias "Kurako" in front of the other Amars to hide his gender. He enjoys cross-dressing, to the chagrin of his family. Unlike the rest of his family, he does not find politics interesting at all and desires to get into fashion. He is constantly looking for the address of his mother, who gave birth to him after having an affair with his father, hoping to see at least once more the wardrobe she kept with so much passion. (Kuragehime Wiki)

Reasons For Crossdressing Edit

Formerly unknown. It's likely that he started doing it to show everybody that he wouldn't work with anything related to politics. Also, it must be because of his interest in fashion.

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