Jun Watarase
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Basic Information
Gender Transgender Female
Anime Happiness!
Alternate Title Unknown
Age Teen
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Jun Watarase (渡良瀬 準) is one of the main protagonists within Happiness. She is most notably known for being a self-defined female.

Appearance Edit

Jun is a young lady with a captivating appearance. Her looks defy the very thought of her having a physically male body. She has long, violet hair, which is accompanied by two violet eyes. She wears the female school uniform, which fits her perfectly. The usual uniform consists of a peach colored top, a white collar, and a bow to finish it off. The skirt for the uniform is light brown. Next are the stockings, which come in black and a light shade of scarlet. Jun, much like the other girls, has been seen switching between these two colors.

Personality Edit

Jun is full of life, and almost always seen with a smile. She takes great pride and happiness in being a girl, and will sometimes make this vocally known. However, any time she does so, a boy will almost always tell her that she is really a male. She more often than not brushes this off, but it has genuinely hurt her on a few occasions.

With her personality, comes a kind heart. Jun has been shown to care deeply about her friends, and will do anything in her power to keep them out of harms way. This was most notably shown in the OVA dedicated to her.

Acceptance Among Other Girls Edit

Jun desires acceptance, and equality among other girls. However, she needs not to worry, as the other girls in her school treat her as they would any other girl. All of the girls address her with "she," and "her." In fact, a few girls even address her name with "chan." Of course, this brings great delight to Jun. She is even allowed to change with the other girls, as shown in episode 6. Even the usually cold Ibuki is willing to accept her, which was also shown in episode 6, where Jun greeted the new transfer student with a hug, and Ibuki simply allowed her to do so. Whereas when Hachi approached her, she gave no thought in attacking him.

She is also allowed to use the girl's restroom. However, her being allowed to bathe among the other girls is up for debate. That being said, it was also shown that she isn't allowed ( or even liked ) to bathe among the boys in her school either.

Chronology Edit

Episode 1 - Valentine (バレンタイン) Edit

Jun made her first appearance in episode 1 of the anime. She was seen accompanying Yuuma and Hachi near a school window. Hachi then asks Jun and Yuuma if the girl's in the Magical Section of the school are cute, to which Jun teasingly asks him why he doesn't just transfer there. Hachi responds by saying he would have long ago if he had any magical capabilities. Jun can see his point, and responds in understanding.

When she later went shopping for chocolates for the Valentine event, Hachi and Yuuma accompanied her once again. Hachi was apparently there to hold Jun's bags for her. As she continued browsing through the chocolate, Hachi tried to tell her that what she had already picked out was more than enough. However, she told the boy that everything so far was merely for the class, and that she still had to pick out chocolate for her fan club, and more importantly, some for Yuuma, whom she desires a relationship with. Yuuma here's this, and says that he wants to go wander around the park for a bit. Jun then teasingly says to Hachi that Yuuma is just being shy.

After her shopping is finished, she meets up with Hachi and Yuuma, and the two boys accompany her home. She affectionately takes a hold of Yuuma's arm, and he allows her to walk next to him like this for quite some time. Jun says that no matter how cute Haruhi is, cheating on her is a no-no. Yuuma then tells Jun that he never agreed to go out with her, and jerks away from the girl. He then rudely tells Jun that she is 100% male, yet she chooses to dress like a girl. Jun, however, does not appear to be very taken aback by this hurtful comment, and states that girl's clothing fits her perfectly. Yuuma tells her that clothing isn't the issue. He asks her if she knows Haruhi, to which she asks him if he's serious, before informing the boy that Haruhi is Mizuhosaka Academy Magic Section's first-year idol.

The next day at school, Hachi is distraught that he never got any chocolate for Valentine's Day. Jun hears this, approaches, and lovingly tells her friend that she would be more than willing to give him some. He then shouts into her ear that he doesn't need chocolates from a guy in any way. Jun plugs her ears, refusing to be hurt by such words. Hachi is hurt from the lack of affection given to him on Valentine's Day, and Jun tells him that she tried to give him some chocolate, but he refused her. Hachi eventually has an angry fit on the ground, to which Jun maturely brushes off.

On the way home, Yuuma is given a gift for Valentine's Day by Haruhi. Later that same night, Haruhi recalls seeing him next to Jun, and curiously wonders if she was his girlfriend, and that she may have potentially invaded the couple's privacy.

Episode 2 - Cherry Blossom Viewing (お花見) Edit

In episode 2, Jun was seen presenting herself, just as the other girls in her class were doing. She stood up, announced her name, and claimed to be, "Just an ordinary girl." This caused the class to burst into laughter. However, it was playful laughter. Haruhi, a new student, was confused as to why everybody found Jun's remark comical. One of the girl's explained to her that Jun was physically biological male. Haruhi, however, could hardly believe it, saying, "But he's so beautiful..." Of course, this was just her initial reaction. She, along with the rest of the girls, fully accept Jun as they would any other girl. Haruhi then realizes that Jun is not Yuuma's girlfriend.

Later, Jun, along with the rest of the girls, were setting up chairs and decorations for the entrance ceremony. However, as it became late, the girl's were excused by the teacher's to go home, while the boys had to stay and work. Of course, Jun was excused as well. Jun told all of the boys to work hard before she and the others left. Hachi waved goodbye, before saying that Jun should not be allowed to leave early, as she was not really a girl. However, Yuuma says to just let her do as she pleases, as she looks just like one regardless.

The next day, as the entrance ceremony began, Jun was sitting in the row ahead of Hachi and Yuuma. She noted that Sumomo looked very cute. After one of her classes ended, she was seen by upper left window, discussing flower viewing ideas. After Haruhi and Anri decided to go accompany her to one, Jun thanked them both dearly.

Jun, Haruhi, and Anri were told by the two boys that they would decide who did the shopping for the viewing trip with paper rock scissors. However, it was all a trick, as Yuuma and Hachi already planned out which they of the three choices they were going to play without the girls knowing. Despite this, their scheme ended up failing due to Yuuma unintentionally failing to go with the plan. After enough fishiness, Jun was questionable over the boy's game. After a remark from Anri regarding how strange Yuuma and Hachi were acting, Jun told them how she's learned from those the two that boy's minds work in various, strange ways.

When the flower viewing began the next day, she arrived with Hachi to the picnic they had all set up. Jun noted that Haruhi and Sumomo were very early to the picnic. She then says that the only one left to arrive is Anri, who immediately comes crashing out of the sky after riding on her wand. Jun and the other girls rush to get out of the way, whereas the boys just stare as the girl comes in for a rough landing. Jun notes that everyone had arrived, and Anri asks her how she managed to get such a great, secluded spot, as every other spot was crowded with people. Jun says that the entrance was rather crowded as well.

When they began the picnic, Jun chose to sit with the girls. Soon enough, she realized that it had started raining, to which Haruhi notes that the forecast predicted potential rain in the afternoon. Anri then claimed that she could stop the rain from touching them with by making a force field with her magic. After Anri attempts this, Jun then says that it didn't work. Water then comes pouring down on top of everyone.

Episode 3 - Oasis (オアシス) Edit

Jun was first seen asking Sumomo if she would like to join her and the other girls for lunch. During their time eating, Hachi told Yuuma that he was jealous over the fact that he was able to eat Sumomo's love filled lunch every day. Jun, hearing this, decided to be kind and offer him some of her own food. However, he once again rudely said that he didn't want food from a guy.

Later, after everyone began to panic over their lunches turning into actual, live animals, Hachi told everyone that his own had turned into a frog. Jun hears this, and asks what nonsense the boy is talking about. Jun opens her own lunch, to which a mysterious, unknown creature with the term "bull" written on its torso, came out and licked her. This overwhelms her, and she faints on the spot. The other girls run to her aid, and as Jun lies unconscious on the floor, Haruhi gently props her body up to comfort her. She kindly told Jun to please pull herself together.

When Yuuma is invited to the school diner called "Oasis" by Haruhi, he rejects her offer. However, Jun told him with a smile to not be a spoilsport, and that Haruhi was being kind enough to invite him. She then teasingly told him that if he didn't go, then there would be divine punishment to pay. She playfully takes him by the arm, and guides him to the cafeteria. Yuuma tells her to let him go, but she simply refuses. When they all arrive, a woman greets Yuuma with a hug, much to his embarrassment. Haruhi becomes confused over whether he may be close to this girl, and Jun can't help but feel that the entire situation is funny. So, she takes the liberty of introducing Haruhi to the woman. Jun tells her that the woman is Kohinata, and that not only is she the owner of the Oasis diner, but she is also Yuuma's mother. Of course, the love struck Haruhi is relieved to hear that she isn't his girlfriend.

Later, when everyone sits down to eat, they are greeted by Anri, who is working as a maid at the diner. Jun then kindly tells her that she looks great in her outfit, to which Anri replies with a confident, "Of course I do." She then asks everyone what they would like to order, and Jun states that she would like curry. After Anri fails to get everyone in the cafeteria's orders correct, Jun tells her that being a waitress might not be best suitable for her. Anri, however, disagrees with her. Yuuma's mother tells them to not blame Anri for the failure, and that she will strip herself to please everyone. This comes as a shock to Jun and Haruhi, while being a turn on for Hachi.

Later that night, everyone returned to the diner. Jun wanted to help Anri become a wonderful waitress. Anri told her her to bare with her, while Haruhi was seen smiling. The boys, Hachi and Yuuma, were seen whispering between each other. Hachi asked Yuuma what Jun was doing. Yuuma told him that Jun was a maid as a part time job. He said that not only was she well received by everyone she served, but that she had quite a bit of experience as well.

Hachi then began to fantasize about how Jun may dress when serving as a waitress. He envisioned her wearing a maid outfit with cat ears, before saying that being attracted to her might not be so bad if she were dressed in something as tempting as that. He then imagined Jun in a tight leotard, with a bunny tail and ears attached. Jun apparently realized what the boy was thinking, and told him to stop with his weird fantasies.

Jun then began to give Anri her advice on being a good waitress. Her first piece of advice was that a waitress must keep a smile at all times. Anri tries this while testing out serving the boys. After Hachi annoyingly teased her, she snapped and hit him in the head with her platter. Jun and Haruhi run to calm her down. However, Anri states that she'll never forgive him, and the two girls struggle to hold her still. Jun's next piece of advice was that a waitress must take orders quickly and accurately. Anri tries to take orders for drinks, and by the time everyone finishes, she can't remember what any of them wanted. Jun then says that an easier way to take orders, would be to abbreviate the names of the drinks and foods. For example, "CreSo for cream soda, and "OJ" for orange juice." Jun's final piece of advice, was that she believes it is important to create specialty dishes for the restaurant.

Jun, seeing Anri's improvement in performance, says that it looks like they're almost finished. However, Hachi claims that the most underlying problem in the restaurant was still remaining. He says that because Anri is wearing her apron over her school uniform, it reminds people that they are at school. Jun and the other girls actually agree with him. However, Hachi then reveals his true colors by saying that to avoid such a problem, the waitresses should strip to nothing but their aprons. It is here that one of Jun's trademark features debuts; her "Patriot Missile Kick." This powerful kick sends Hachi flying to the diner wall. Jun, genuinely annoyed, states that Hachi is always having such perverted thoughts.

The next day, Jun, Sumomo, Yuuma and Hachi are sitting in the diner, watching Anri take orders much easier than before. Hachi then says that it is all thanks to his brilliant insight. Jun then says that boys are such idiots. Yuuma, however, rudely tells her that she is one as well. Sumomo notes that most of the customers aside from Jun, Haruhi, and herself, are guys. But Jun tells her to not worry, as she has already made preparations to fix that problem.

Episode 4 - The Vanished Tama-chan (消えたタマちゃん) Edit

Jun was seen greeting Koyuki in the morning with Sumomo and Yuuma. After the three learn abou Koyuki's wand, and more importantly, Tama-chan, she heads off. Later, Jun and everyone else is begged by Sumomo to join the Horoscope Society, that Koyuki is a member of. They all seem very hesitant at first, but they end up giving into Sumomo's pleads. When they all go to the club's room, they find Koyuki waiting with a sign saying, "Welcome New Club Members!"

Inside the clubroom, Sumomo asks if there are other club members, to which Koyuki informs her that there are. Jun asks if that is really so, and Koyuki claims that all of the other members are ghosts. Koyuki then takes a picture of the room, gives it to Sumomo and the other girls, They are all taken by surprise to see actual ghosts in the photo, and that she was actually telling the truth. Sumomo, however, has a hard time taking such a reality in, and faints in front of Jun and the others. Everyone then shouts in disbelief of what they see in the picture.

Next, Jun is seen wearing an apron with the other girls, and they are all told that for their first club activity, they will be making Tama-chans. Jun then asks if Tama-chans can really just be made, to which Koyuki tells her that they are all home made, one by one. She gets out the ingredients, and the four girls, along with Yuuma, look down in curiosity. They soon begin making their own Tama-chan. As they do, Koyuki informs them that their Tama-chan's personality will be entirely dependent on how well they knead it together. They all end up making Tama-chans with personalities corresponding to their own, except we never get to see how Jun's behaved. After Anri's Tama-chan ends up exploding outside the window, Jun says that they must be surprisingly dangerous. Koyuki tells them that her current Tama-chan is her 1000th one, and Jun says that it's surely worth celebrating over.

The next day, Koyuki comes to Jun and the others, and asks them if they have seen her Tama-chan anywhere, to which they inform her that they haven't. Jun sadly wonders if it may have been sad about something. She, along with the others, then happily state that they will help search for it. They go outside, and Yuuma says that he will search around the station. Haruhi then says that she will join him. Hachi, hoping to get lucky together with Haruhi, says abruptly that he will be going with her as well. However, Jun grabs him by the collar, and tells him that he will be going with her. This was one of the first instances in which she defended Haruhi and Yuuma becoming a couple, and letting them have their own time together.

Yuuma and Haruhu end up finding Tama-chan, and after the making of an ancient Sphere-Tom goes horribly wrong, resulting in a monster, Jun and Hachi finally make it back to see the monstrosity. It turns red, and Jun immediately understands that it will detonate very shortly. The day ends up being saved by Tama-chan, and as the bad Tama-chan explodes in the sky, Jun and the others are in shock at how big the explosion truly was.

In the end, Jun and the others tell Sumomo that they are all quitting the Horoscope Society Club. She asks why, and they tell her that they hate being told their misfortunes for their days each morning via text. Jun and the girls say that anytime they have gym class together, they have to participate in Tama-chan "firing." They simply have had enough.

Episode 5 - The Beautiful Girl at Midnight (真夜中の美少女) Edit

Jun and the others notice a crowd surrounding the school staircase. As they approach, they find out that the reason for said crowd was an unconscious Hachi, lying on the stairs with a hentai magazine in his hands. Jun and the others are embarrassed simply fro seeing this alone. Hachi is taken to the school nursery, and Jun and the others soon follow. Shortly after they all arrive, Hachi wakes up and is looking around the room, asking where the girl he claims to have met was. Jun playfully teases him by showing Hachi a picture in his hentai magazine and asks, "This girl?" Hachi yells no at her, and tells them that he met a ghost girl who haunts the school. Jun and the others, however, don't really believe him, and roll their eyes.

Later, Anri and Jun are seen together wondering what could possibly be going on in Hachi's head. Hachi then comes into the classroom, and after assuming that Jun and Yuuma are free that night, asks them to help him "ascend the girl to heaven" that he met. Jun's reaction to this is complete and utter nervousness. Anri then states that the idea sounds fun, and says that she'll lend Hachi a surprise, much to Jun's surprise.

That night, Jun and the other girls accompany Hachi and Yuuma to the school. Yuuma reveals that Sumomo gave him a large number of items to assist him in ascending the girl. These items include Incense sticks, candles, charms, and amulets. Haruhi reveals that she brought a spell book for freeing evil spirits. Finally, Jun notices that Hachi had brought a camera. He said that he wanted to take a picture with the spirit, as she was really cute. Jun, as usual, is baffled at Hachi's tendencies, and imagines herself taking a picture of Hachi and the ghost girl together.

The group then come to the exact staircase that Hachi encountered the girl and fell unconscious. Jun asks if it was indeed the area, and Hachi confirms by telling her that it was directly up the stairs. Hachi runs up the staircase in a hurry, and the others follow him. They then see a girl on the next floor, and Jun and the other two girls are seen getting close together in fear. However, they soon discover that the girl they see is merely Koyuki. Jun, Haruhi and Anri then lean onto each other in relief. Jun then comes to the conclusion that the girl Hachi met the previous night was not a ghost, but merely Koyuki. However, Koyuki says that she wasn't in the school last night, deeming it impossible to have been her. The girls are surprised, and Hachi confirms that it wasn't Koyuki. Koyuki and Tama-chan then claim that, "this is it", to which Jun nervously questions what she means. Koyuki explains that she had cast a detection spell over the entire school, as she had predicted that there would be something evil that night.

Anri then flies through the school on her wand, and the group then chase after her. While attempting to catch up with, Anri, Hachi assumes that they are about to run into the girl, and passes them all. Jun calls out to Hachi to come back, but he ignores her. The group soon hear strange noises, and Jun asks what they are. She holds onto Yuuma for comfort as she questions if there really is a ghost. Haruhi then pulls out her spell book, as she recalls a spell ro freeze a ghost's movements. She casts the spell, but says it didn't work. Jun is surprised, as she had never seen Haruhi fail at casting a spell before.

The group hears a loud noise,and Yuuma runs at the direction it came from. Jun and Haruhi follow him immediately. They are lead to a staircase, and find Hachi unconscious once more. Yuuma asks if he is okay, and Hachi, in a dazed state, shows them a picture he had taken of the ghost girl.

The next day, Jun and the others are examining the photo in the classroom. Jun then tells Hachi that he had told her that the girl was wearing a kimono, whereas the girl in the image was wearing their school uniform. Hachi claims that the girl must have changed her clothes. Jun finds it unreasonable to assume a ghost would its clothes. Haruhi examines the uniform, and tells Jun that she appears to be in the same year they are. She asks Jun if she had ever encountered the girl, and Jun responds by saying that she had never seen the girl before. Hachi begins to theorize that the girl must have lost her life at the school. Jun then asks him who "Ani-sama" is, as he told them that that was who she was calling out for. Hachi comes to the conclusion that it must be her brother, and that said brother killed her. Jun, still not buying the story, asks him why the girl would even bother coming to school, instead of looking for the brother she's calling out for. Hachi, however, can not explain this.

They then attempt to explore the school again that night, but this time, Koyuki accompanies them, to which Jun shows her gratitude for. Koyuki then says that there is indeed somebody in the school, as her magic detected an intruder. They arrive at the staircase he encountered the girl once again, and as the group begins to run up the stairs, Koyuki tells them that they shouldn't simply charge up without thinking things through. After communication from one of Koyuki's Tama-chans is lost, Anri flies up the stairs on her wand. She then casts a spell to eliminate intruders. However, the spell backfires, and creates a huge vine attempting to attack her instead. She runs back down the stairs, telling Jun and the others to run for it. They begin to run all throughout the school, and the large vine chasing them does not relent. As they run, more vines surround and engulf the school. Anri then tells Jun and the others to enter the next classroom to escape. They all lean against the wall and trick the vine into passing. They enter the classroom, and find Hachi and a girl being coiled up in the vines around the school. Jun points out that the girl is the same one from the image Hachi took. The vines then latch on to Jun and the others. The mysterious girl calls out for "Ani-sama" once more, and a boy enters the clasroom, wielding a katana. He then frees them all by slicing the source of the vines below them. The katana is then revealed to be a magic wand, much to Jun's surprise. His magic then rids the entire school of each and every vine.

The boy reveals his name to be Kamijou Shin'ya, and informs them that he had just transferred to the magic section. He then introduces his the girl as his sister, Saya. Jun, hearing that he has recently transferred, reasons that that explains his uniform. It is soon revealed that Hachi never really fell unconscious, he was simply knocked out by Kamijou for attempting to "attack" his sister. Kamijou then attempts to strike Hachi again, before directly addressing him as a pervert.

Finally, the next day, Saya is introduced to the class. The teacher then questions where Kamijou is. Saya informs him that they were separated on the way to school. Jun then has an idea of how to find him. She takes Hachi and gently pushes him towards Saya. Kamijou immediately bursts through the classroom, believing that Hachi was attempting to attack his sister once again.

Episode 6 - The Mysterious Transfer Student (謎の転校生) Edit

In episode 6, Jun was scene in the cafe with the others. She decided to order gogokumai curry, along with Haruhi. After they all questioned Yuuma as to why he didn't have his own lunch, he responded by saying that Sumomo was off with friends, and that she didn't have time to make his lunch. Jun then teased him by saying that maybe Sumomo found somebody she really liked, to which the other two girls found funny. Sumomo then came running into the cafeteria, and announced that she had somebody she wanted them all to meet. Jun wondered if she really did find a boyfriend after all. However, Sumomo brought back a girl, and introduced her as Ibuki, a transfer student in her class.

Jun immediately ran up to Ibuki, and told her that it was so nice to meet her. Ibuki, being a tsundere of sorts, told Jun to not use "chan" when speaking directly to her, as she was unfamiliar with the purple haired girl. However, Jun couldn't help but find Ibuki's shy attitude adorable, and announced this. Jun then affectionately latched onto Ibuki's left arrm and began nuzzling her shoulder. Ibuki told her to stop, and Hachi immediately came to greet Ibuki next. However, after her attempted to touch her, she used her magic to shock him promptly. Ibuki then called him a brute, and told him to not touch her, all while Jun was still latched onto her arm. Jun then began poking the fried Hachi. However, as Sumomo continued to introduce her, Jun went back to giving Ibuki affection, to which Ibuki simply allowed. Hachi questioned why he was being treated differently, but that reason is simply because Ibuki, just as the rest of the girls, accept Jun as they would any other girl, much to her delight.

Later at lunchtime, Jun is told by Yuuma and the others that Sumomo wants to get closer to Ibuki, and that they have decided to come to her for advice on the matter. However, Anri states that she has an idea herself. She suggests that Sumomo should exchange emails with Ibuki. Yuuma asks why they should use email in the first place, to which Jun and Anri tell him that he simply doesn't get it. Regardless the plan fails.

Next, Jun offers a different plan. She suggests that Sumomo should swap diaries with Ibuki for closeness. Yuuma comments that it seems very outdated. However, Jun responds by saying that it's perfect for a traditional girl like Ibuki who doesn't have a phone. Sumomo attempts to exchange diaries, but Ibuki strongly refuses. The group then try multiple other plans, but they all fail. While we never saw what her next plans looked like in action, we did see that out of the numerous proceeding plans, Jun had two more. Plan 5 was known as "Operation Tease", and we see that it did not succeed. Plan 9 was also by Jun, and it was known as "Operation School Mysteries." Just like the former, however, it failed.

Jun and the other girls are amazed at how high Ibuki's defenses are. Howeveer, Hachi comes up with a final plan. In it, Jun and a couple others would dress as punks, and pretend to attack Ibuki. Sumomo would then come out and "defeat them" and "save" Ibuki. Jun and the others agree to said plan.

They prepare to begin the plan, and hide, waiting for just the right moment to execute it. However, to their surprise, Ibuki actually does get attacked by real punks. Yuuma says that they have to go and help her, but Jun asks, "Wearing this?" They then see that Ibuki is perfectly capable of defending herself, and fries the group of punks. Jun says that if they had followed through with Hachi's plan, they'd have been the ones who were fried. Jun and the other girls then promptly punish him off screen.

Episode 7 - The Plan to Convert Ibuki into a Friend (伊吹友達化計画) Edit

Episode 8 - Summer Expectations (夏の思惑) Edit

Episode 9 - School Festival (学園祭) Edit

Episode 10 - The Past (過去) Edit

Episode 11 - The Shikimori Treasure (式守の秘宝) Edit

Episode 12 - The Magic of Happiness (渡良瀬準の華麗なる一日) Edit

Reason For Cross-DressingEdit

- Wants to be a girl, her reaction when she is transformed into one in an OVA brings her nothing but joy.

- Believes men sometimes act like idiots, and likes to act like a cute and delicate girl, hence giving her guy friends Valentines Day chocolate as a way to cheer them up.