Description Edit

Hunter is the clown of the Discord server Couch Cushions And has been the personal pleasure toy of many people, but is now currently Owned by A101, more commonly known as Al.

Personality Edit

"Im fine with being a little gay."

"I mean I'm like mega gay but still." -Hunter

Hunter is known for being sometimes extremely annoying, to the point where he has caused people headaches.He has also been described to be a "Tsundere" as he is extremely rude towards most people on the server, but can be warm and kind towards those who manage to break him. He is very open about his homosexuality, and makes it very clear when he talks to his owner publicly. His conversations, through no ill intent on his part, have a way of meandering toward maximum social awkwardness and annoyance.

Reason for homosexuality Edit

He thinks its cool and he plays Hanzo in Overwatch which is a major red flag.