Hitoshi Sugoroku is a character from the anime and web manga series Nanbaka.


Hitoshi is a cheerful and friendly individual who shows much respect and care for Hajime, his older brother who works at Nanba Prison. During his debut in Episode 1, he attracts the attention of Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock, the inmates of cell 13 of building 13 due to them mistaking him for a female. They make a show of disappointment and shock to discover his true gender, however near the end of the episode he is approached and conversed with by Jyugo. In Episode 15, Hitoshi takes up a one-day job as a guard in Nanba Prison, much to Hajime's disfavor, and as such he offers a lacking performance.


Hitoshi has a Caucasian skin tone and his very long light blonde hair is tied into two pigtails on the sides while the rest hangs down past his back. His bangs cover his entire forehead and is swept slightly to his left side. His eyes are an aqua color and surrounded by prominent black eyelashes.

His usual attire consists of a baby blue dress reaching just past his knees adorned with many bows and white frills. On his head he wears a frilled blue hairband with white ribbons on the sides, white leggings, and blue shoes.

His Nanba Prison guard uniform is a heavily modified variant of the default uniform, being white in color and much longer to resemble a dress with pink frills. A magenta bow sits in the place of the necktie, the belt is changed to a magenta color with a gold heart-shaped buckle, and his white high-heeled boots each have four bows going along the front of them. The back part of his hair is now tied into two large ponytails in addition to his usual two side pigtails, and each pigtail and ponytail is adorned with a baby blue bow at the bottom.

Reason For Cross-Dressing

It is unknown why Hitoshi crossdresses. It could simply be out of nothing more than enjoyment.


  • Hitoshi's eyes are naturally dark red, akin to those of his brother's; his aqua-colored eyes are merely a result of colored contact lenses.