Hisoka Yuuki is a main character from the visual novel game Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Trinkle Stars.


Hisoka is a late transfer student of St. Serawl Girls' Academy, and a part of one Orihime Kazahaya's undercover security.


Hisoka is depicted to have long, jet black hair, with a pair of hairpins on each side, garnet eyes, and a kind expression akin to that of the Holy Mother (as said by his dormmates and other studens).

He is usually wearing the school uniform of St. Serawl Girls' Academy, which is either mainly red and black (winter) or white and blue (summer).


Hisoka is orphaned at a young age. Fortunately for him, his mother's friends Yukitaka Kazahaya and his confidant Daisuke Yuuki found him and raised him. Daisuke was the one who had formally adopted him, though.

Before transferring to St. Serawl, he is a student at a well-known college preparatory academy.

Reason for Cross-dressing

He is asked by Yukitaka to be a part of his daughter Orihime's undercover security, who is currently attending St. Serawl Girl's Academy. And since males aren't accepted as students in St. Serawl, he must cross-dress to be accepted.