Hiro Toyotomi is a supporting character and love interest of Mitsunaga Oda in the anime Himegoto.


Hiro is a servant to the Oda family, serving Mitsunaga Oda. He has a calm, collective personality, almost always calming down his master, Mitsunaga Oda. Hiro is almost always seen by his masters side. While the anime Himegoto does not go into depth of his background or character, the manga does. Specifically Himegoto Plus.

Reason for Cross dressing

In the Oda family, it is a family tradition for the head of the family to cross dress until adulthood. Therefor, Mitsunaga must follow the tradition. He was very against the idea when he needed to cross dress, debating that he was a guy. Hiro noticed that Mitsunaga felt isolated about being the only one having to cross dress so Hiro proposed that he would cross dress along side Mitsunaga to reassure him. Ever since that day, Hiro wore a maids outfit and bra every since. Hiro began with normal bras but moved onto padded bra since the start of high school. Hiro's reasoning for switching to padded bra's is that he "just wanted to try it out".


Despite not being shown to have interest in girls, Hiro has been shown to be in love with Mitsunaga. The two have been seen kissing from time to time, along side Hiro telling Mitsunaga flat out that he loves him. Upon being alone with Mitsunaga, it's common that the two would make out.