Hime Arikawa is the protagonist of Himegoto. He is a feminine second-year at Shimoshina High School, and is also a member of its student council. His parents racked up a large amount of debt in his name by travelling all around the world, and although the student council pays off the debt, he continues to live in poverty with his younger brother Kaguya. At school, he is forced to cross-dress in return for the student council paying off his debt.

He is usually always seen cross dressing on screen. Although he is widely popular throughout his school for his looks, he is very embarrassed and anxious around people while cross dressing. His popularity stems from how cute of a trap he is. A large majority of the time, he is always against what the mischievous student council do to him. Very rarely however, he questions his masculinity and indulges in feminine attire.

Cross Dressing

Hime wears panties, almost always blue and white striped. He naturally has short hair, so he wears half a wig. This includes two pigtails and a long flat hair extension. Hime has wore but not limited to, a maid dress, a bathing suit, school girls uniform, a magical girl cosplay, a cheerleader, a bunny suit, a nurse outfit and girls gym clothes.