Hideri Kanzaki is a 16 year old waiter at Café Stile.


Hideri Kanzaki is a trap that first appears in episode 8 of the anime Blend S. He is employed by the manager, Dino to work as a waitress at Café Stile, with his character trait as being an Idol. During his interview, he is shown to be a cute, shy female whose real identity quickly surfaces after he is employed and acquaints with the other staff. Soon thereafter, his egotistical tendencies and arrogant nature are evident during the second half of the episode when him and Miu-san spontaneously go clothes shopping as he constantly expresses his desire to look cute and find clothes that can "match his charm". Not much else is known at this point.

Reason For Cross-Dressing

Despite the fact he is male, he has no problem wearing women's clothing and insists upon being cute (evident from his numerous selfies on SNS) and only caring about his outward appearance.