Chibitalia young trap from the anime and manga series, Axis Powers: Hetalia. He is a lazy, gluttonous, yet loveable character with a deep love for pasta. Chibitalia's eyes are a dark honey color, and his hair is brown-ish auburn. His most common apparel is a light green, ruffly dress, a warm white bandana and apron, and shiny black shoes. He is the younger brother of France, Holy Rome, and Romano, and is the grandchild of Ancient Rome. He is a trap in that he fools his first love, Holy Rome, into thinking that he is a girl the entire time they know each other, even when he gives Holy Rome his under garments and swims naked in a river with him. He never refers to himself as a guy or a girl, yet he never denies anyone calling him a girl, so it is unclear if he is a true trap.

Reason for Crossdressing

The only known reason is because Hungary, a sort of mother figure to him, dresses him up in girls clothes because she thinks he looks cute in them.