• Nepism

    So my intent here is to have the Trap List more organized so it's easier to find someone. The intent is sort it alphabetically however, I'm not sure if it should be by name or series so

    I'll give this poll until June 5th.

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  • Nepism

    In order to help further expand the articles and categorize traps, I'm planning on introducing an improved classification system. This will also create more categories other than just Category:Traps and Category:Reverse Traps

    This is the system I have developed so far:

    • Traps - Boys who looks like girls
      • Anti-Traps - Boys who look like girls naturally but want to be seen as boys (ex. Nagisa Shiota, Hideyoshi Kinoshita)
    • Reverse Traps - Girls who look like boys
      • Anti-Reverse Traps - Reverse Traps who naturally appear boyish but want to be seen as girls (ex. Makoto Kikuchi)
      • Double Traps - Normal girls who are told to be traps but in reality - they're just girls (ex. Yukimura Kusunoki, Chihiro Hashima)

    I don't plan on implementing this new system until …

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