Aoi Hyoudou (兵藤 葵, Hyōdō Aoi) is a supporting character in Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!. Aoi is the 14-year-old child of the older brother of Satsuki, who is the owner and manager of Maid Latte, a maid cafe.


Aoi arrives one day at Maid Latte in a loli dress and sporting long curly blonde hair, and is recognized by other patrons as a net idol. Aoi soon changes into one of the maid dresses and wants to work there, but Satsuki refuses because he's too young. Seeing that there is some sort of relationship between Takumi and Hisaki (the male and female lead respectively) he tries to work his way between them. Upon seeing Hisaki change into her normal clothes at the end of a shift, she berates Hisaki for not trying to look and act more feminine. Meanwhile Aoi tries to seduce Takumi, who it turns out realized early on that Aoi was a boy.

Eventually it is revealed that Aoi ran away from home due to being ridiculed by his school classmates for his interest in cute things, and his father's dislike for his cross-dressing. In addition, many of Aoi's outfits were hand-me-downs that used to belong to Satsuki.


Reason For Cross-Dressing

Aoi likes cute and pretty things, and likes being the center of attention.