Here are the editing rules which you must abide by.


All pages must conform to the following formats

  • Must contain: A lead paragraph, a Description, Reason why they Cross-Dress and an Infobox with character information
    • The Description and Reason why they Cross-Dress must be formatted as under header 2's.
    • The lead paragraph shouldn't have a header.
    • The infobox ({{CharacterInfobox}}) must be above the rest of the article.
  • Must be Categorized correctly
  • Must have an image of the Trap or Reverse Trap in the infobox

Page Guide Lines

All Content MUST follow these guidelines:

  • Must be relavant to the topic (Traps)
  • The source must be from TV series, movies, video games, manga, novels, doujinshi, etc. as long as the style is Japanese anime.
  • No swearing
  • All images must be Safe for Work. Even if the source is a hentai.
  • No positive or negative comments on: Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race, Religion, Politics or Nationality.
  • Maintain a Neutral tone.
  • Unless there is an official stream, no linking to the anime.
  • To avoid confusion in some cases, remember that the infobox isn't stating the character's gender but their biological sex.
  • If the source is hentai, remember to put {{NSFW}} at the top of the article, including the infobox.

Complains Procedure

If you have a problem with an article or the wikia, you can do one of the following: