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This wiki is all about anime traps and reverse traps. An anime trap is a boy who looks so convincingly like a female, that by the time you realize you have made a mistake, it’s already too late.

Transversely, a ‘Reverse Trap’ refers to a girl who looks very convincingly male. You can help this wiki by adding, editing pages of traps and reverse traps from all the animes where you can find traps.


The goal of this wiki is to be a resource to keep record of all the traps in Anime and Manga.

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Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a main character from Baka and Test. He is consistently polled as the anime's most popular character as well as a popular character among fans of traps.


Hideyoshi is a member of Class F at Famizuka Academy. Despite being more calm and rational than his peers, Hideyoshi often finds himself a bud of their jokes due to his feminine appearance - as well as being the only male that his perverted classmate Kouta Tsuchiya takes pictures of and sells.

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