Alluka Zoldyck is a character from: "Hunter X Hunter".


Alluka Zoldyck is the second youngest child of the Zoldyck Family.

Unlike her family, Alluka has had no physical training, and her only power (which isn't really classified as a power) is a mysterious dark creature, which her family named "Nanika" (Nanika means "it" in Japanese). Nanika has the ability to grant you any wish, if you grant it three requests. If you were to decline her requests 4 times in a row, she would crush you to death.

She also has a brother named "Kalluto", who also is a trap.


She is considered a girl by her brother, Killua, but considered a boy by her parents, other siblings, and butlers. This is likely due to her family not recognizing her as a female, or even a human due to her power as Nanika.